Who We Are

We make Android Emulator that runs APK with the best experience.

新火娱乐平台1976 www.m230j.com.cn Nox Limited is a team of like-minded geeks who live in Hong Kong and develop the best App player software loved by mobile Apps and games users around the world. We have over 150 million users in more than 150 countries and 20 different languages. Nox is committed to providing the best digital solution for our end users and make connects of Android, Windows and Mac. Our mission is to be the open platform to combine digital and traditional advertising and help Android software distribution.

Our Products

NoxPlayer for Windows and Mac

Free Android emulator dedicated to bring the best experience for users to play Android games and apps on PC and Mac. Users can assign keyboard and mouse to the APK games and Apps with simple key mapping and enjoy easy access to functions like location, , adjust volume, and many more.

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NoxPlayer perfectly supports Win/Mac devices, we recommended you use a supported device to download

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